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For Miller, the 3,239.7 miles of Texas Interstate Highways is an immense concrete jungle. For Miller, he sees beauty in the concrete: the vast number of over and under passes, multi-lane highways and interstates, and road signs and billboards become a blur of fantastic shapes, colors, lines, and form-related datasets. Miller merges his collective memories of urban life and nature with a collection of materials in his series titled SKY SCULPTURES to invite a poetic and futuristic contemplation of purposeful human, nature, and machine collaborations. 

Miller uses dense foam that has been cut and sculpted using an electric carving knife. Each unique foam shape is soaked and dipped into a large tray filled with primer paint. Dry time is usually 4 to 6 days for each foam piece based on warm weather temperature conditions outside. Once dry, each foam shape is carefully painted and glued onto the canvas or birchwood panel. 


Treg Miller




acrylic paint and foam on canvas




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