Current Exhibit

    • A Black Boy and His Dog


      A Black Boy and His Dog is a painting of a relationship between a boy and his pet. I intentionally emphasize the race of the boy in the title because of the stereotypes of Black males. The stereotype in most instances, depict Black boys as wild, undisciplined, violent, inferior, criminal…

    • African Drummer


      The African Drummer is part of my Africa series where I incorporate the true history of African Americans onto a canvas. Many African Americans embrace the word “nigga” as if that word is the beginning of our story or history. This word should be rejected like the names many African…

    • Art Print


      A selection of prints are available for purchase at a lower price point than the original artwork. Make one yours today!

    • Banjo Player


      My inspiration for the Banjo Player is my admiration of African American Harlem Renaissance artist Henry Tanner who created the painting entitled the Banjo Lesson. Like the Banjo Lesson, my Banjo Player captures a time in American before the big record labels and the multi-million dollar contracts for making music.…

    • Begging You Please


      Begging You Please is a humble plea of a young Black boy praying to God Almighty for help, forgiveness, mercy, grace, direction, protection and even favor. The challenge with Black males is that need for guidiance is necessary in their neighborhoods and others. There is a target on their backs,…

    • Billie Holiday

    • Clint Eastwood

    • DAK

    • Ellen

    • Elvis

    • I Wonder


      I Wonder is part of my series on Black boys. I used my spontaneous realism style of painting to convey a look of wonderment on the face of this little Black boy. I wanted the viewer to question whether his wonder is a positive outlook based upon hope or is…

    • John Wayne

    • Last Touch


      Last Touch takes into consideration who is left behind after a Black man is killed by violence. My paintings do not focus on law enforcement but the “hood”, the Black community. My perspective is that Black on Black crime is stimulated by the perception of many Blacks that others Blacks…

    • Lucy

    • Maya Angelou

    • My Baby Doll


      My Baby Doll was created to counter the experiments that were conducted over half a century ago that came to the conclusion that Black children had negative views of themselves based upon the negatives images of Black people that dominated media and society. I wanted to paint a very exciting,…

    • Parrot

    • President Obama -44


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