Canola Yellow


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Miller’s triptych painting titled CANOLA YELLOW is a depiction of nature’s natural beauty as primary pigments that create enriched immersive environments. Having spent 12 years in Montana, Miller realizes no one can escape devouring the pure magnificence of a canola field in the early fall flushed in canary yellow for miles on end. Using a coarse pumice gel medium, Miller uses his palette knife to sculpt and build up this material on canvas. As objects appear smaller in nature as they move away from us, Miller’s sense of perspective and use of color creates a sense of vast openness. Luminous yellow acrylic paint captures the brightness and glow of the canola flowers as they radiate energy in the open fields juxtaposed against the silver accents on the horizon as they ignite the brilliant blue hues found in the big sky of Montana. 


Treg Miller




acrylic paint and coarse pumice gel on canvas


Set of three 20"x20" panels


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