The Great Race

The Great Race

Artist: Terri Thoman
Dates: January 7 – February 25, 2024
Artist Reception: January 27, 6-8pm

A Conversation with the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

This whimsical grouping of wood block prints depicts the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac, offering some insight into the characteristics and the elements associated with the year of each animal.

The 48”X30” block prints are created by carving into a matrix of Medex, a form of MDF board. The image begins with a simple line drawing that is transferred to the block. Once the block is sealed, brush and sumi ink are used to define the lights and darks. It is only when the carving begins that the details appear; gouges and knives are the tools that bring each animal to life. Once the carving is complete, the block is sealed again in preparation for printing. Printers ink is rolled onto the surface, covering only the areas that stand in relief, the paper is placed onto the inked block and run through the press, transferring the image onto the sheet of paper. An original Print is born.

I find myself reworking these images often, exploring them through a variety of processes, engraving, woodcut, monotype, and lithography, they range in size from 2” sq up 48”X30”. As I continue to revisit the animals of the Zodiac, they reveal a bit more of their characteristics and symbolism associated with each year. I feel at ease with each of these creatures, and never grow tired of our conversation.

View the Art on Display at the Gallery.

Terri Thoman

About the Artist

Photo courtesy of Barry Snidow
Photo courtesy of Barry Snidow

Terri Thoman

Born in Japan, 1956, Terri Thoman’s artistic path would be imprinted by the nature of her surroundings, and by the age of nine would begin drawing and painting the elements of her life. It would be around this time she was introduced to printmaking … and the course was set.

Through the mid 1970’s – 80’s, Thoman completed two undergraduate programs; studying Art Education at Southeastern Mass. University and achieving a BFA in
Printmaking from Swain School of Design in New Bedford Massachusetts in 1982.
Through this foundation of traditional process Thoman’s career as a Printmaker
began. Returning to Texas, as an assistant Printer with Peregrine Press in Dallas, and
consulting for Booker T. Washington, School for the Visual andPerforming Arts. This
desire to share process and inspire artist of all ages would extend to positions
throughout the region, working with the Dallas Museum of Art, DISD Public School
system, Dallas County Community Colleges, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and other public and private institutions. In 2006, Terri Created the Printmaking Department for the Creative Arts Center of Dallas, establishing the first Print shop to focus on Non-Toxic process. 2017 would be the beginning of the Dallas Artisan Fine Print Studio, here Thoman offers other printmakers a place to create, and maintains a teaching studio.

As an entrepreneur, in the 1983, Thoman created a resource for local artist of North Texas, which would eventually grow to serve over 14,000 artists world wide. This shop, Paper Routes, supplied fine art papers from around the world, helping artists of all disciplines to follow their creative path, and still exists today, as Paper Arts.

Thoman’s passion for printmaking has flourished through the ups and downs of
both the economy and personal challenges. Her ability to share a deep well of
knowledge has guided artist of all skill levels to pursue their passions, she has been a
positive influence on the regional artists of North Texas and beyond.

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