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HIDDEN COLORS series offer abstraction with a contemporary flair.  Each work focuses on the artist’s take on color, shape, and texture. Opposed to seeing paper paint swatches become organic waste, Miller collected thousands of swatches of square and rectangular shapes and colors. Each individual paper shape (square and rectangle) has been precisely cut, adhered, and hand painted with three to five coats of black or white acrylic paint. The artist carefully placed by hand each cutout into cell blocks of colors to form specific patterns on the canvas. Next, Miller painted multiple layers of paint over the color patterns. To complete the smooth finish, Miller used an electric sander over the entire canvas allowing HIDDEN COLORS to emerge and the brushstrokes to disappear. Each canvas in the series is a unique creation of color overtones. The final result is a silky-smooth surface displaying the variation on shades of color.


Treg Miller




acrylic paint and paper on canvas




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