Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Artist: Mikey Hernandez
Dates: March 1 – April 14 , 2024
Artist Reception: April 6, 2024 6-8pm

FINDING BALANCE is a solo art exhibition by Dallas-based artist Mikey Hernandez. The exhibition is presented in partial fulfillment for the Master of Fine Arts in Art at the University of Dallas, 2024.

Selected show art will be available for purchase in the Umbrella Gallery store.

About the Artist

Mikey Headshot

Mikey Hernandez

I make process-driven, large-scale, non-representational works on paper. Using
water-based media as my primary materials, I am exploring mindfulness, yoga
and the body as it attempts to find balance in pose and practice. Finding balance is very
important as it helps me to ground myself, find inner peace and question my purpose
and existence in this world.

I use my sketches as a launching point to explore the body gesturally and determine
where I will place my ink. I start each piece on the floor with a wet-on-wet technique
dripping watercolor, ink, gouache and water to create a pathway of color and forms.
Once I establish major marks, I work intuitively to foster the forms and texture that
develop on the paper. When finished, I walk away and allow the pigment to shift, water
to evaporate and for the painting to dry. This is exhilarating as I work with a process that
allows me to relinquish some control. When desired results have been achieved, I once
again respond intuitively to the color and marks made on the paper by using chalk
pastels, colored pencils or charcoal to create more dimensionality and enhance implied
textures. As I am thinking about the body finding balance, I am also thinking about
finding balance within the composition.

In the end, my paintings turn into an enigma, a topographical or cosmic-like landscape
that often resembles a universe or nebula. Through scale, form, color, balance and a
sense of mystery in the compositions, my aim is to evoke a sense of awe for the viewer.
I intend to create a space that allows the viewer to have a sense of serenity, while
drawing them to each piece on the wall. In the end, it’s all about the individual
experience that one may have within the space.

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