ZHŪ Boar (pig, hog)

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A long time ago, a mighty Emperor called upon all the animals of the kingdom; there was to be an epic race across the world as they new it. To the first twelve animals who crossed the raging river, he would bestow a great honor of naming one year of the new Lunar calendar for them. The race continued for days and finally they began to cross the finish line.

To this day we remember the triumph of these animals, honoring each of them, in order of their crossing. In this way, they have been immortalized in the Calendar of the Chinese Zodiac.

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The Boar came in twelfth in the Great Race. In this year of plenty, they imbue abundance, contentment and security. The Boar is considerate, generous and loyal. They have a bountiful supply of energy for work and play. Favored by fortune, they love to share and may be swindled easily, but have remarkable powers of recuperation and will comeback brilliantly. Partner with the Ram or Rabbit, but not the Snake. The Calla Lily is your flower with the Acacia tree and lucky number 5.


Terri Thoman


Woodcut | Printed on Japanese, Hoyso, paper


36" x 60" Unframed




2/10 – 10/10 are available for sale.
Gallery display is B.A.T. (Bon A Tier), property of the printer.


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