Last Touch

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Last Touch takes into consideration who is left behind after a Black man is killed by violence. My paintings do not focus on law enforcement but the “hood”, the Black community.
My perspective is that Black on Black crime is stimulated by the perception of many Blacks that others Blacks are simply niggas, therefore worthy of death, inferior, trash, savages and animals. Racist believe that Blacks are simply niggas and are worthy of death also. When this word is used in anger the outcomes in many instances are the same…death.
Last Touch displays the emotions a little boy feels realizing that he will never touch his father again. I used warm rich colors on the little boy to give him more life than the father. The father colors are beautiful cool colors that symbolize his cold dead body that is about to become a reality. The warms colors of the son separates him from his father’s cool colors as death separates some from the living.

The white drips symbolize that sometimes in the hood innocent blood is shed as with Black on Black crime. Furthermore who in the “hood” has the right to play God and determine who should live or who should die. The red drips symbolize the bloodshed and lost by the senseless killing of Black on Black killing.

in stock

Dimensions 48 × 48 in

Curtis Derall Ferguson


Acrylic on canvas


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