Banjo Player

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My inspiration for the Banjo Player is my admiration of African American Harlem Renaissance artist Henry Tanner who created the painting entitled the Banjo Lesson. Like the Banjo Lesson, my Banjo Player captures a time in American before the big record labels and the multi-million dollar contracts for making music. The Banjo Player captures the innocence and purity of an artist playing music to calm his soul from a day of possible unbearable heat from the son. My Banjo Player painting subject could have been a slave or sharecropper. Today people have so many escapes from the reality of the badness in the world. The simplicity in the time period this banjo player lived in singing acapella or playing some kind of simple instrument was the great escape. I used colors to symbolize the spirit, energy and rhythm of this time. I wanted the old man to have a slight tilt of his head to express his confidence in his ability to masterfully play his banjo. He’s on the canvas alone in my attempt to show how he would get lost in his world of music regardless of the circumstances of his reality.

in stock

Dimensions 24 × 30 in

Curtis Derall Ferguson


Acrylic on canvas


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