A Mother’s Worry


A Mother’s Worry is a painting depicting a look of worry on the face of a Black woman and mother. She is the other side of the coin of a Black male who has been shot or killed in the Black community. When a Black male dies, it has been recorded that he is usually vilified by the media or other races that because of his very existence he caused his own death. Many Black males are stereotyped as violent by nature and in most cases this is false. The mothers of Black males know this and her worry for her son may surpass her worry over her daughter. In many cases a Black man has to worry about possible death in his own community (hood) and more often than not, law enforcement. He is a target, it would seem, everywhere. The mothers know this as well. Her worry includes prayer and hope, yet the anxieties exist.

Dimensions 36 × 48 in

Curtis Derall Ferguson


Acrylic on canvas


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