A Black Boy and His Dog


A Black Boy and His Dog is a painting of a relationship between a boy and his pet. I intentionally emphasize the race of the boy in the title because of the stereotypes of Black males. The stereotype in most instances, depict Black boys as wild, undisciplined, violent, inferior, criminal minded, ignorant, menaces to society. I used a very colorful palette to depict joy. Peace, laughter and love. The colors also create a bond and help to emphasize a relationship between the two. Another stereotype attempts to have Black males as loving violent dogs like pit bulls and / or rottweilers . The same stereotype attempts to create a narrative that Black boys only want to fight dogs to the death as a business for money.

My children and the children of most of my family and friends have never used their dogs or other pets to fight and gamble with to make money.

The white drips depict the innocence of their relationship. The blues and oranges emphasizes their happiest and the contradiction of the stereotypes. Hints of green symbolizes life itself and the lives that this painting showcases.

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Dimensions 36 × 48 in

Curtis Derall Ferguson


Acrylic on canvas


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